Since moving to Kaiapoi 15 in 2005, I volunteered for two of the emergency service organisations and serves for around 9 years in each.

In 2017 I created a website  and facebook page that promotes the idea of people Supporting, Shopping and Eating Local Kaiapoi Р I also created a site that targets visitors to the township, in addition I set up a North Canterbury arts trail

Supporting local is heart to successful communities, when you shop locally you meet local people and start learning whats happening in the township

Combined with the facebook page its the go to place for all of whats happening in Kaiapoi.. there are over 500 Kaiapoi businesses on that site

In 2017 I was asked by Council to create the Kaiapoi Food Forest on Cass Street… from a bare piece of land 2 years ago…we have had over 3000 trees and plants donated by the community. I have created an environment where we are Growing Food – Growing community, creating a charitable trust with some out standing volunteers.

I am Chair of the Kaiapoi Food forest, Deputy Chair for Neighbourhood Support North Canterbury, trustee for All Together Kaiapoi who put on events around the district, ie Waitangi Day, lantern Festival, Pop Up Cinemas, Spring Festival, Kane Shield Swimming Comp etc etc

I assist when I can at “Art on the Quay” Kaiapoi’s premium art gallery at the library.

If you want to contact me, please use the form below… or call 027 2224767

Would love to hear your views

Thank you

Brent Cairns representing you for Council and  Community Board