Arriving in Kaiapoi 15 years ago, I became involved in the community by volunteering for two emergency services. Became a trustee for You Me We Us an organisation that puts on local events. I set up Kaiapoi.info and facebook page to encourage residents to Support, Shop and Eat local. This site has over 500 businesses listed. Whilst you will see many candidates for the first time…I have been actively campaigning for Kaiapoi for years.

Married to Shirley, father of three wonderful sons and a grandad. Our photography and sculpture business exports to 15 countries.

Two years ago Council approached me to create a community Food Forest (https://kai.net.nz), with a vision of Connect, Educate, Nourish and Inspire. So far 1800 trees and plants have been donated by local residents and businesses, over 600m3 of mulch moved, in less than two years, this last growing season produced around 3000 kilos of food. We are growing food sustainably and encourage schools and groups to come and visit… Growing Food – Growing Community

Kaiapoi and the Waimakariri is a great place to work and live. The district population is growing quickly, with many on fixed incomes. I am concerned with yearly rate rises, we need more local jobs, we need to be more creative and fiscally responsible.
My business acumen and record for volunteering, allow me to appreciate issues in our community.

I am a pragmatic man, I am “Less Houee and more Doeee” type of person. The district population is growing faster than other areas of NZ. Much of that growth is with people on fixed incomes. I am concerned that each year we are facing rate rises. I have seen first hand what our Council are being charged by contractors and believe that we need to take a stand to be more fiscally responsible.

Brent Cairns member Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board