What have I been doing?

As your representative in the community. Here is a sample of what I have been doing by month starting with August and working backwards

Neighbourhood Support NCBusy updating database. Looking for more committee members to join.
Food forest – updateCollecting scions for 5th birthday workshops on the 17th September. Teaching people how to grow food sustainably. Kumara growing, propagation, grafting etc  Strawberry Fair planning is well underway with Sideline Swing confirmed as playing on the 17th December. Lots of food and Christmas stalls are going to there. Rongoa event on the 20th November Visited Kaiapoi North School, St Pats and Clarkville Preschool re food forests A Robin Hood type artwork appeared at the food forest
Online briefing
Biodiversity lecture – WDCSoil lecture, 60 years of topsoil left
Residents callsSewer overflowing issues in Pines Beach, Charles and Smith St corner, 
Food Secure North CanterburyPresented in the various towns re Food forest in Woodend, and Oxford. Met with Greenspace team re the above.
All Together KaiapoiPlanning for Spring festival. Lanterns lighting the township have been struck by bad weather.
Greypower meetingIssues surrounding accessing taxi chits for return trips to North Canterbury, fees for credit card payments of rates,.
Plan Change 31
ENC event
August 2022
Neighbourhood Support NC – which I am chairMonthly meeting, involved Brennan Wiremu to go over Civil defence and how they see us working together. Looking to increase board member numbers, developing matrix of needs. 125 sign ups to Getsready this past month
Food forest – update which I am chairCelebrating Matariki went very well with large crowd, popular was the Hangi and many from far and wide came to view the Pou. Met with RWDesign re outdoor open education hub working drawings etc Presenting to Council C&R committee  Huge effort from volunteers and corrections department to plant out new areas where walnut tree was with fruit trees, different varieties of currants etc
Library Matariki eventSmall gathering, but fun
Biodiversity lecture – WDCMike Bowie – a great lecture, really well attended
Council briefingRe WHOW re MOU and LTO
Food Secure North CanterburyGrowing need for food from the community,  Re food forest in Woodend, residents are waiting for land issue to be dealt with. New food forest planted at Leaps and Bounds Rangiora
All Together KaiapoiMatariki event went extremely well with huge numbers attending, had debrief and monthly meeting to cover next events like spring festival. Good to see Laura from library being part of the group along with school rep.
Greypower meetingSmaller crowd attended, shortage of rest home beds and issues with income care is placing pressure on these groups.
Art expo openingHuge numbers in town, great benefit to the community
Fire and ice festivalGreat turn out…wonderful for the community
Don Palmer funeral
All boards Briefing
Residents Met with staff and Beachgrove residents to raise concerns regarding parking in the area Met with residents regarding Motorhome association park. Met and had a meal with Beachgrove residents to celebrate one of the local residents lives “Gordon Hooper” who passed away
June 2022
Neighbourhood Support NCEach week we are seeing a large number of people signing up to Getsready Attended Beachgrove welcome to the community get together www.NCNS.org.nz website has been updated with useful links and tips to keep yourself and neighbourhood safe. Thanks to Wendy from Community team, upskilling governance team with workshops
Food forest – updateEntrance Pou were installed on Oram place, Thanks to Sutherlands timber for the use of the Hiab, Dion Hancy for carving the Pou and the many volunteers and Trustees that helped with the install. Mushroom growing workshop was a great success with many people attending. Multiple groups visiting the food forest, mainly from Chch. Prep is going well for Celebrating Matariki, KPA are promoting both Kaiapoi events on radio
Food Secure North CanterburyGrowing need for food from the community
All Together KaiapoiPlanning for Matariki event
Road opening – connecting Silverstream
Chris Greengrass Funeral
Free Music event at Trousellot parkSmall enthusiastic number attended
Mahinga Kai planting Day
Walking and Cycling Good turn out at the library, good questions and feedback…
All boards Briefing
Residents Concern about vehicle damage to Corcoran reserve and with 4WD’s accessing the strip of land adjacent to the stop bank & behind Placemakers . It’s accessed from behind the Borough school and goes through to the Kaiapoi end of Lineside Road.
Historical society AGM
May 2022
Neighbourhood Support NCLarge numbers are signing up. Beachgrove 
Food forest – updateOn Oram place holes for carved Pou and entrance have been dug. Was planning to install Pou at the start of May, however supplies of steel have delayed that. Planning Matariki event for 24th June, KPA are assisting with elements of the event. Promoted the food forest at Chch event Have a group from a national charity based in Auckland visiting Tuesday. Free Seed Project – had many people attend from throughout Canterbury Multiple groups still visiting from throughout Canterbury – most recent was 30 from Canterbury home school groups
Food Secure North CanterburyAttended monthly meeting
All Together KaiapoiPlanning for Matariki event
Anzac DayAttended the event
New businesses in KaiapoiNzulu, Hukka vap shop