Vote – “Its time for Change”

A few days ago I made a post asking people to “Vote – WE NEED CHANGE”

I have to provide an APOLOGY to councillors and residents.

Because in that post I made the claim that in the last two financial years, Council departments had over spent budgets by $20 million.

Recently I sent these public Council documents to an expert, who has decades of experience in rates management at another Council. He pointed out to me I had made a HUGE error.

This is where I went wrong:

Council departments in the last 3 financial years have over spent budgets by $32,800,000… not $20 million as I initially reported.

Its worse than I thought…

I was accused of being silly, mischievous, some Council candidates tried to mock me, claiming departments can’t over spend. Some are oblivious to what’s actually happening… based on the figures released, Council departments have overspent their budgets… in 3 years Councils N/C borrowing has risen from $90 million to $130 million…. the FACTS

The money needed to fund future projects like the approved nice to have sports stadium in Rangiora etc has already been spent. $10 million being spent on consultants is not helping, this is what Council staff are paid to do and staff need to be held accountable to keep to budgets.

Time for change, ignoring the facts of overspending your budget by $32 million and being accused of being silly & mischievous when the facts speak for themselves.

Vote for Change – Community Comes First – elect Brent Cairns
Authorised by Brent Cairns, 65a Cass Street, Kaiapoi

Housing and Fees… Rate Payers are subsidising

Only $200K from library fees, where those living outside of the district get a better deal on OUR library cards than we do as ratepayers…. fees need to be addressed.

112 Council owned units make no profit on operations. Should we invest the $14 million or use it to reduce debt… Should we even be in the business of housing?
I do my homewark and am seeing opportunities to reduce rates… I have only touched the surface… elect Brent Cairns to find more cost savings



authorised by Brent Cairns 65a Cass Street, Kaiapoi

Community Comes First

Kaiapoi Information website and Facebook page for three years has kept residents informed. When elected I will use the sites to keep you infromed of whats happening at the Council table..all too often residents find out things after the fact…

Elect me and I will keep you informed, I will ask you what you think about important issues.. that can directly affect you.

Community Comes First

#election2019 #electBrentCairnsauthorised by Brent Cairns 65a Cass Street, Kaiapoi

Support, Shop and Eat local

A directory with all local businesses and groups featured helps residents to Support, Shop and Eat Local…
How can people support local if they dont know whats there…
Localised marketing is far more effecient and with successful businesses comes increased staff numbers, which in turn encourages more businesses to set up locally.
Buying locally is playing your part for the enviornment.
Buying locally means any dollar spent is multiplied by 5 as it becomes a circular economy

District promotion costing $630,000

Marketing the district, showcasing what the area has ensures business growth and more jobs for locals. This is a competitive market…it needs to be done well. With thousands of people driving past, having an effective website with quality information is crucial to pulling the spending public off the motorway….to come visit our towns I want to see the $630, 000 spent more effeciently… A website that will promote the district, showcasing the points of difference, something we are paying for yet its not being achieved.


more info at

Toilets dull and boring or filled with colour

Taking dull and boring Council owned toilets adding colour and vitality..
Making the toilets a talking point and not just a Convenience.

Council tend to paint these things in terrible colours… which because they look horrible get tagged and are treated badly…

As soon as you colour them more tagging, no more damage…

Council Reserves- reserved for what???

Why are Council parks called reserves … are they are sitting in no mans land waiting for someone to do something with them… Why not allow neighbours of the parks to turn a small or large area into a food forest… we have an exemplar for how to do it in Kaiapoi.. and could be in a park near you if you so desire…imagine a park filled with food… any able to come and collect and forage food… you get to choose what you want to plant

Creative reserves versus wasted money

I visited two very different Council reserves and reviewed the exercise equipment.

One set of equipment is creative and encourages people to visit the park… the other is a total waste of money… the NON creative exercise equipment was signed off by current Community Board members and I was told was really expensive