Do you want 4.3% yearly increase on your rates?

Current Councillors voted to increase rates for the next 10 years at 4.3% each year… that means your rates bill…if its the average $2500 you will be paying $4000 in 2029

11 Council departments from 14 are over budget, 57 staff are earning over 100K per year, yet $10 million was spent on consultants…

Staff will have a choice, keep their wage the same and reduce the amount spent on consultants…or keep spending $10 million on Consultants and reduce your wages…which one do you think they will go for???

Latest policies – Elect Brent Cairns

If I am elected, I want preschoolers to swim for free during school hours. Green Prescription holders would swim for free in Waimakariri swimming pools.
5 year average is 82 drownings per year in New Zealand. Many locals head into Chch to get free entry to Christchurch swimming pools. The minimal cost to encourage young ones to learn to swim locally is a no brainer and should be encouraged by Council.

If I am elected, I want to increase some library charges.
Waimakariri income from all libraries is only 200K. Reviewing some charges, ie out of towners can use our libraries cheaper than a rate payer. This charge is to increase along with other lending charges which in some instances are 30% of Christchurch City Council library charges.

Community Comes First

Kaiapoi Residents Noticeboard

From the Kaiapoi Residents Noticeboard… a page set up to inform local residents…

Here are my answers to their questions:

Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board Candidates – Information for Kaiapoi voters

Every candidate has been asked:

Why should people vote for them
What are their priorities
What are their strengths
What is their favourite thing about Kaiapoi

Today I’m posting the candidates for community board, tomorrow the councillors and on Wednesday the Mayoral candidates. Feel free to comment on the images.
The same email was sent to everyone, and the attached images are the community board candidates who responded:

Brent Cairns
Al Blackie
Jackie Watson
Philip Redmond
Martin Pinkham
Daniel Huisman
Chris Greengrass
Sandra Stewart

Community board candidates also running but not presented in the information:

Russell Keetley
John Meyer
Cassandra Millward

All candidate statements can be found here:…/local-body-elections

It’s election time, we’ve all seen the hoardings/signs around town, and some people have been getting info in their letter boxes. It’s important to know about the candidates before casting your vote – who aligns with your values and who will champion what is important to you and what’s best for Kaiapoi.
So after reading a few comments, I’ve gone and surveyed all the candidates running for a spot in governance in our local area! The booklet that comes with the election papers is not that easy to digest, and the candidate statements online are very generic. I hope these are somewhat useful and relevant! Only posted in the order the forms were received.

Support Shop and Eat Local

I want to tell you a story….
In the last few weeks ago we started to do more and more live videos around Kaiapoi… with the idea to lift the profile of more local businesses…
We did a video in one shop…and a few days later the business owner called us to have a meeting… I was thinking yikes…I didn’t ask permission I just did it… I must be in deep trouble…
So very gingerly I went to the meeting, expecting to get a blast… but….
The business owner said her sales in the last few days have gone through the roof…and they couldnt work out why..until they started to ask why all these people were coming in and buying…it was all because of our live video…
So we want to do more videos to help Kaiapoi businesses… but we want to give Kaiapoi businesses more…
Air time on Compass FM at a super only for Kaiapoi rate for a month, FREE Time with a Mentor, FREE Time with Lesley of Eco Educate to reduce waste and costs, social media assistance with posts, live videos on Kaiapoi Information facebook page as well as Compass FM…
If you own your own business in Kaiapoi…give us a call… and we will have Sally call you and tell you about the Kaiapoi Only deal…
Support, Shop and Eat Local Kaiapoi

Vote Brent Cairns for Council and Community Board