Vote – “Its time for Change”

A few days ago I made a post asking people to “Vote – WE NEED CHANGE”

I have to provide an APOLOGY to councillors and residents.

Because in that post I made the claim that in the last two financial years, Council departments had over spent budgets by $20 million.

Recently I sent these public Council documents to an expert, who has decades of experience in rates management at another Council. He pointed out to me I had made a HUGE error.

This is where I went wrong:

Council departments in the last 3 financial years have over spent budgets by $32,800,000… not $20 million as I initially reported.

Its worse than I thought…

I was accused of being silly, mischievous, some Council candidates tried to mock me, claiming departments can’t over spend. Some are oblivious to what’s actually happening… based on the figures released, Council departments have overspent their budgets… in 3 years Councils N/C borrowing has risen from $90 million to $130 million…. the FACTS

The money needed to fund future projects like the approved nice to have sports stadium in Rangiora etc has already been spent. $10 million being spent on consultants is not helping, this is what Council staff are paid to do and staff need to be held accountable to keep to budgets.

Time for change, ignoring the facts of overspending your budget by $32 million and being accused of being silly & mischievous when the facts speak for themselves.

Vote for Change – Community Comes First – elect Brent Cairns
Authorised by Brent Cairns, 65a Cass Street, Kaiapoi