Kaiapoi Residents Noticeboard

From the Kaiapoi Residents Noticeboard… a page set up to inform local residents…

Here are my answers to their questions:

Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board Candidates – Information for Kaiapoi voters

Every candidate was asked:

Why should people vote for them
What are their priorities
What are their strengths
What is their favourite thing about Kaiapoi

It’s election time, we’ve all seen the hoardings/signs around town, and some people have been getting info in their letter boxes. It’s important to know about the candidates before casting your vote – who aligns with your values and who will champion what is important to you and what’s best for Kaiapoi.
So after reading a few comments, I’ve gone and surveyed all the candidates running for a spot in governance in our local area! The booklet that comes with the election papers is not that easy to digest, and the candidate statements online are very generic. I hope these are somewhat useful and relevant! Only posted in the order the forms were received.